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A personal update: Today marks my one year mark at Cato and the first time that I’ve stayed with a full-time job for a complete year. Knowing my dissatisfaction with previous office work and my preference for working in bars and coffee shops, my boss wisely insisted that I commit to a year before signing me. He didn’t mention that this was a leap year, so he actually hooked me for 366 days. Sneaky devil.

But it turns out that I still don’t like office work, wearing a tie, and commuting during rush hour. And while the job has had its perks, among them getting paid to keep up with the news and reconnecting with the public policy community, I’ve realized that the PR field is not one I want to advance in.

So this seems like a good time to tell you that I’ll be leaving the job in mid-July. At the end of July my lease is up, and I’ll be leaving my apartment too. I have no firm plans yet, but being 25, single, and unattached to any job or home, this seems like as good a time as any to leave DC and try living somewhere new — which is exactly what I’m planning on doing.

Where to go? The Pacific Northwest sounds most appealing. I’m leaning toward Portland, with Seattle a close second. San Francisco is wonderful, but is one of the few places that would be more expensive than where I’m living now. Eugene? Bend? Somewhere else entirely? I don’t necessarily have to line up a job before I go, but for the right offer I would consider just about anywhere. What’s the best place to live for a guy who wants more time to write and a job delving deeper into the world of food and drink? Any tips or job leads would be very much appreciated.


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  1. Well, there’s no better place for beer than Portland. And Seattle has coffee, I guess. And both have a hell of a nanny state that will give you no shortage of blog fodder. So yeah, that seems like your best bet.

    Though apparently, Ral-town’s pretty good for singles… 🙂

  2. Portland’s no slacker on coffee, either. It’s got some of the best there is when it comes to coffee, beer, cocktails, and cooking, which is was makes it so damn tempting to move there. From what I can tell, Seattle’s chief advantage (or disadvantage) is size. And yeah, they both have plenty of nanny state 🙂

  3. Madison, WI. There’s a great selection of breweries in the area (and across the state). Beer, brats and cheese are staples, but there’s no shortage of restaurants in a wide variety of styles.

    It’s also home to the state capital and UW, so there’s political & educational opportunities as well.

    Anyway, this is mostly just to say hello after almost a decade, but the recommendation stands – Madison is a crazy, wacky progressive town with lots to drink. A guy could do much worse.

    (A couple weeks back, I was cleaning through old boxes and found a “griermagic” business card – decided to see if that site still existed and eventually stumbled here. Been reading for a couple weeks.)

  4. James! Thanks for the tip. I’ll get in touch with you by email.

    Ben, it’s not a plus generally, but it does give me something to write about.

  5. while the dc area will be sad to see you go (read: me) and while seattle would carry with it a greater likelihood of our paths crossing again in the future as i have a lot of family and friends there, i think portland would be the best place for you… its such a beautiful area with plenty to do without having to deal with the crappy parts of seattle… i think the good to crappy ratios are 60/40 (seattle) and 75/25 (portland) so that’s my vote.

  6. well it depends on if you mean just DC or the entire DC metro area… just DC is 50/50 but if you include the metro area, its bumped to 60/40, which ties it with Seattle. these are rough figures of course, so if we were being picky, it wouldn’t be an EXACT tie as Seattle has cleaner air and prettier, more accessible water.

  7. Ah, I see now… boo, you leave just before I move there 🙁 Well, Dave is from Eugene, so that should give you incentive to meet with us when we are in town this weekend. We should have a drink. I’m going to send you a proper email shortly.

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