Got Milky Way?

I may be putting my libertarian-capitalist-consumerist credentials on the line here, but this would just be too much. I’ll take my night sky brought to me by no one, thank you very much.


3 thoughts on “Got Milky Way?”

  1. perhaps just wishful thinking, but i’m betting the vast majority of anybody’s target consumers live in areas too polluted with smog and too well-lit at night (notice i didn’t say too polluted with smog and light, although i could have) for this kind of contraption to work. eerie, the orange aura of nashville nights, like its own radioactive bioluminescence seeped into the air worse than springfield, three-eyed sashimi down at ken’s. so unless somebody wants to sell hitching posts and mason jars to the country folk…

    ever the environmentalist schmo,

  2. Dana has a great point. Living in NYC, I only saw the stars once- during last summer’s blackout! There’s about a 100 mile radius within commuter suburbia where the glow of NYC, Philly, or Albany obscures the constellations.
    I can’t imagine this catching on.
    But, enviro-friendly advertisements done lit the Batman signal could work. And would be cool…

  3. One possible exception: election season! Can you imagine anything worse than going stargazing in the desert and being bombarded with political advertisements? I wonder how campaign finance law would apply here.

    In addition to the problem Dana notes, I think the possible backlash from consumers would be an even more effective deterrent to this kind of advertising. A company imposing its logo on the night sky would probably piss a lot more people off than it would make them want to buy its product.

    But just imagine if this catches on and, for one reason or another, civilization collapses into pre-technological barbarism. Nonetheless, the ad sattelites continue to feed off solar power and broadcast their logos. The scattered remaining humans build a new mythology about our ads: the Jolly Green Giant as god of the earth, Charlie Tuna as god of the sea, Tony Tiger as god of the hunt. I’ll bet these people would quickly invent accurate calendars, too, based on the rotation of advertisements.

    I’m insane. I also have class in 10 minutes. But somewhere there’s a short story in all of this.

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