Note from the road

As promised, hereís the update from the road. Itís Friday morning and Iím enjoying my second cup at Common Grounds, the coffee shop in Clarendon that I was visiting nearly every night by the end of my semester in D. C. Itís good to be back, and even better to be able to take advantage of their free wi-fi network.

The day trip to Memphis began with a touristy stop at Graceland. That was fun, but not nearly as fun as being completely drunk in the middle of Beale Street by 6:00, listening to the live blues. Once our group was (mostly) recovered from that, it was on to Texas de Brazil churrascaria. I knew it was going to be a good night when the first gaucho approached and said, ďSir, filet mignon wrapped in bacon?Ē That was just one of the 14 meats presented on skewers in unlimited quantity, all of them delicious. (Note to all you Atkins dieting libertarians: this is the place for you in Tennessee.)

After a few days back in Nashville the Aztek and I were on our way to D. C. Ten hours later, it was time for dinner with my food soul mate at The Melting Pot fondue restaurant. This is a great place for a date or a slow-paced dinner and the chocolate fondue makes an unbeatable dessert.

Since then itís been a full couple of days catching up with friends and getting a little bit of schoolwork done. A return to this city after graduation grows increasingly likely, though my mind is still not made up on the matter.

In a few hours Iíll be on my way to the colloquium in Richmond, then back in Nashville late Sunday night.


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  1. Hey, Grier, what do you think about this?:

    I could probably link it into an attack on the myth of the market doing what’s best for humanity, and talk about how collusion between government and business will always bring about short-term solutions instead of long-term planning, but I’m too busy thinking about how I can rise up to tribal chief status after the apocalypse.

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