Spring break road trip

Spring Break begins today, and once again I find myself ready for a (mostly) solo road trip away from Vanderbilt.

Tomorrow — day trip to Memphis with two friends with dinner at Texas de Brazil, a very cool Brazilian churrascaria my family went to back in August.

Sunday to Monday — Back in Nashville.

Tuesday — Leave early to drive to D. C.

Wednesday to Friday morning — hanging out in D. C.

Friday to Sunday — in Richmond for Libery Fund’s colloquium on “Liberty and Modern American Conservatism.” I have no idea how I came to be invited to this, but it should be interesting (and only slightly more tame than Venice Beach, I’m sure). Back to Nashville Sunday night.

Of course, no road trip would be complete without a few new CDs for the car. Topping the list this time is Jen Cohen’s Far Enough Away. Jen is a Nashville singer with an amazing voice (and a great smile, too — I still remember being greeted by it, before the show, the first time I saw her perform at Vandy. That was over two years ago). Her other CD has long been one of my favorites and I’m liking Far Enough Away just as much.

I’ll also be listening to the last of the Barenaked Ladies albums I didn’t have till now, Billy Joel’s debut Cold Spring Harbor, and, of all things, The Vogues: Greatest Hits. It was “Five O’Clock World” that sold me on it.

I have no shortage of things I have to read for school and the colloquium, plus I have an ever-growing stack of books I’ve been wanting read on my own time. Even so, over break I’ll be reading Rilke’s Letters to a Young Poet . This is at the recommendation of a good friend who says it “could be worth checking out at this crossroads of your life.” A girl at the bookstore today agreed — she read it on a beach in South America last year — but cautioned me not to expect any answers from it. Not answers, but perhaps some inspiration as I try to figure out what I’m doing post-graduation.

That’s all for now. Expect an occasional update from the road, thanks to the marvelous combination of wi-fi and espresso that makes the modern coffee shop such a great place.


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  1. Let me know what you think of Gatsby when you’re finished with it.

    And have a nice Spring Break. Don’t get into trouble… cause it.

    With love, from that girl that Paul Simon wrote a song about…. ok so maybe not about…

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