Miracle fruit on the BBC

This blog’s favorite fruit is once again in the news. Back in September, the BBC’s Tom Mangold and Adam Fowler stopped by my apartment to record a miracle berry tasting party for a documentary on the fruit’s history. They’ve done a lot of digging into how the FDA shut down miraculin products just when they were about to hit the market, denying diabetics and dieters a natural sugar alternative and relegating miracle fruit to tropical obscurity. Adam has an article up on the BBC website now, and the full documentary, including clips from our tasting party, will air on BBC4 radio tonight at 9 pm London time (4 pm EST). You can listen live here, or archived under “m” for miracle fruit for seven days here.

My friend David Barzelay introduced me to the fruit and hosted the first tasting party, which we covered here and here, lighting up lots of blog coverage and eventually leading to a front page story in The Wall Street Journal. I can only hope that someday I will accomplish something that brings me a fraction of the publicity this curious little berry has. To order some online, visit Curt Mozie, a.k.a. the Miracle Fruit Man, and good luck getting some before his current crop runs out.

[Update: “Anyone want a margarita?” It’s better than “make sure it coats your tongue,” but I am not producing winning quotes on these miracle fruit stories! Nevermind, I missed the opening on the live broadcast. I’m on there a bit more in the beginning to introduce the tasting.]

September’s party was a lot of fun for all involved. Photos below the break…

Miracle fruit
A cup full o’ the berries.

Miracle fruit
The crowd enters a citrus fruit feeding frenzy.

Miracle fruit
Scott, his sense of taste altered by miraculin, chomps into a lemon.

Miracle fruit
Offering free beer and miracle fruit is apparently the secret to getting women into my apartment.

Miracle fruit
I have no idea what I’m saying here, but BBC producer Adam Folwer is amused.

Miracle fruit
A spread of items for tasting.

Miracle fruit
Adam, Tom, and I discuss the fruit.

[Big thanks to Radley and Court for the photos and for cutting all those lemons and limes, and to Christie for managing the pre-party madness!]


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  1. Alright, David. You have convinced me. I am going to pursue this crack for foodies and bring it back with me to the fly-over states. Nice meeting you the other day.

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