No more of yesterday’s news

Have you ever said to yourself that there just aren’t enough right wing-to-libertarian weblogs out there? Me neither, but The Torch is starting another one anyway and I’m now officially a two blog guy.

A problem at The Torch this past year has been updating our website in a timely manner. To smooth out the production process and get new content up without a full time webmaster we’ve switched to Movable Type weblog format. It’s not quite as stylish as the old page, but it gets the job done. Hopefully we’ll use it to post continuous content as well. Update your bookmarks and see the January issue on the new Vanderbilt Torch Weblog.

My own column is a criticism of the decision in McConnell v. FEC. As Tim Lee has noted on his weblog, this acceptance of McCain-Feingold deserves a lot more outrage than it has received for the law’s overt violations of the First Amendment.


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