Last two weeks at Open City

I put in my two weeks notice at Open City today. It’s been a good place to learn how to tend a bar, but as the warm weather tourists descend on DC restaurants it’s time for me to move on. I can be much more adventurous in my home bar now than I can be at work, and with two other jobs keeping me busy I need to free up the time. So if you’ve been wanting to drop in while I’m behind the stick, Mondays the 21st and 28th are your last chances to do so. (And sorry, Lance, that’s one more name you’ll have to scratch off your list of working bartenders with blogs — at least for now.)

Open City is located at 2331 Calvert St., NW.


2 thoughts on “Last two weeks at Open City”

  1. I’ll leave you in the bartender section with the hopes that you go behind the bar someday again. Your blog is always a great pleasure to read. Keep up the good work.

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