What’s in a pronoun?

With Howard Dean now desperate enough to subject himself to a full hour of Tim Russert’s questions, it was a sure bet that this morning’s episode of “Meet the Press” was going to have some fun moments. This was my favorite exchange:

MR. RUSSERT: So the idea of not using her [Judy Dean] as a prop was wrong, you want to have her next to you.

DR. DEAN: It’s not a prop. She’s not a prop…

Oops. I also got a kick out of this:

Dr. Dean: … [Bush] just thinks of us as cogs in a corporate machine. Teddy Roosevelt came along and fixed that after McKinley, Franklin Roosevelt came along after Hoover, now we need a Democrat in the White House to replace George Bush so we can start thinking of ourselves as human beings first and cogs in the big machine second.

We’ll always be cogs, but at least we’ll be human cogs. I guess that’s something.

There’s more in the full transcipt, which captures Dean’s words but not the big stupid grin he wore for the entire show.


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