More lemony goodness: lemon sherbet

My experiment with making limoncello (part 1, 2) left me with quite a few skinless lemons on my hands. I’d planned on just making lemonade with them, but co-blogger Natasha had a better idea: lemon sherbet.

I was unfamiliar with the drink, but it was easy to make. Following her recommendations, I poured a pot of water with twice as much liquid as the amount of juice I was able to extract from the fruit. I set this to boil and dropped in cinnamon sticks, cloves, and cardamom pods. After letting this boil down for a while, I scooped out the spices and added sugar. Then I mixed in the lemon juice and let it all refrigerate.

This leaves you with a concentrate to mix with cold water or club soda. I slightly prefer the zip of the club soda version, but both are tasty and refreshing. Lemon is the dominant flavor, but the spices provide depth and complexity while the sugar cuts the tartness. All in all, a good combination. Plus, the mulling part of the process makes your kitchen smell great.

Natasha also recommends this article on the history of sherbet. I have no idea how my own batch compares to the real thing, but it’s an intriguing look at an old drink without much presence in the West.

[This entry was originally published at EatFoo(d) on 8/31/06.]