Two drinks with ginger

Long time, no blog. To make up for my lack of updates, here’s two new drink recipes for you. I hope you like ginger!

Ginger lime-cello: One of my first posts at EatFoo documented my attempt at making homemade limoncello. The experiment was so tasty I decided to branch out a few weeks later with something a little more complex. Lime and ginger struck me as a potentially good flavor combination for making an infused liquor. Stored in the freezer, the resulting drink is great as a before bed sipper. A tart lime taste leads the way, with a hint of ginger following after. It makes a great variation on traditional limoncello.

I followed the same process as before to make the drink, but as a half recipe. I infused the zests of ten limes in half the bottle of vodka for two weeks and half a ginger root, sliced, in the other half for about five days. Then I strained everything out, combined the bottles, and added simple syrup. That’s all there is to it.

The Winter Warmer: The name normally refers to a style of beer, but I think it’s fitting for a drink that my friend David and I came up with on a slow day at Open City. It’s ginger ale steamed up hot on the espresso machine with Earl Grey tea steeped into it. At OC we were limited to Canada Dry, which was OK, but not great. At my new job with Baked and Wired I was able to try it again with high quality Reed’s Ginger Brew. That made all the difference.

The drink sounds weird, but people who’ve tried have been very pleased. The spiciness of the ginger ale and the strong flavor of the tea have a way of lingering in the back of the throat, making it a delightfully warming drink on a cold winter day. This one’s getting put on the menu.

[This post was originally published at EatFoo(d) on 11/08/06.]