Shakerato for the summer

The warm spring and summer weather hasn’t hit DC yet, but it’s sure to do so soon. That means it’s time to start thinking about iced coffee drinks. Even for a coffee lover like me, there are days in DC when a hot cup of coffee doesn’t sound so appealing. I’m a purist, so the heavily sweetened, artificially flavored frappuccino type stuff doesn’t cut it. Iced americanos are nice, but my favorite is the caffe shakerato.

Caffe shakeratos are available all over the place in Italy, but rarely seen in the US. Perhaps that’s because Italy doesn’t share America’s absurd history of alcohol regulations that tends to keep bars and coffee shops distinctly separate entities here. This drink requires a cocktail shaker, an item most coffee shops are unlikely to have on hand.

To make the drink, pour two shots of espresso and half an ounce of simple syrup over ice into the cocktail shaker. The sugar provides a little bit of cover, but since this drink is almost all espresso it’s important to get a good shot. Shake it up well to aerate the espresso and melt some of the ice. Strain it into a cordial glass or a chilled demitasse to complete the drink.

The shaking creates a big, frothy head, the simple syrup provides a bit of sweetness, and the espresso gives the drink a strong, straightforward coffee flavor. Delicious and refreshing!

[This post was originally published at EatFoo(d) on 4/16/07.]