It’s not you, it’s your books

What I take away from this is: Reading books about things like gay marriage, comic book criticism, and how to do card tricks might have something to do with why I’m not meeting women on the Metro or at the coffee shop lately.


3 thoughts on “It’s not you, it’s your books”

  1. i sadly have to cop to doing to this – not necessarily in a dating scenario but with relationships in general.

    me: “you looooove dan brown books?”
    them: “yeah”
    me: “oh. …”

    conversely, there’s many a time when i’ve wanted to talk to someone (on the metro, ha) purely based on the book they’re reading.

    so maybe the comic books and card tricks are doing you a disservice, jacob.

  2. being quite an eclectic reader, and in love with a boyfriend who has more comics than i’ve ever seen, i think i’m pretty open to seeing or hearing about a wide variety of “favorite” books and authors from a romantic interest… i have to side with those in the article who say they’re satisfied to be with a reader at all- i’ve broken up with a person who said “wow! you have a lot of books! have you actually read all of these? i’ve never read a book i didn’t have to!” but i’m happily attached to a man who didn’t even finish my favorite book because he didn’t like anything about it… who knows…

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