Magician or a bouncy

For the past few years I’ve had a love/hate relationship with magic. At its best, the art is a vehicle for self-expression, masterful skill, humor, beauty, and wonder. Yet at the level it’s usually practiced, performance barely rises above the level of adolescent talent show. (See Adam Gopnik’s excellent article in the March 17 New Yorker for a discussion of this.)

As a reminder of exactly where magic stands in the public perception, it’s useful to keep an eye on the Craigslist ads. This one, for example:

Magician or a bouncy for kids to jump in

I am having a birthday party for 2 of my kids on April 5th and I am looking for a Magician that will not charge alot but will do a great job and make my kids happy. or I am looking for someone that has a bouncer/bouncy, you know those big things that you blow up for the kids to jump in. I would like to borrow for a small charge just for a few hours/ half a day. Please let me know if anyone can help me, it would greatly appreciated.
Thank you so much

Got it? Magicians are 1) for kids, 2) not worth paying much for, and 3) roughly equivalent to a big, blow up bouncy.

Oh well, at least the bartender’s craft is treated with respect.


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  1. what’s funny is that i saw this cl ad when it was first posted and i forwarded it to a couple of younger magicians… you have to start somewhere! speaking of doing magic… didn’t see you at the magi whirl gala on saturday- did you see any of the convention?

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