Yesterday’s news

It’s a little late in coming, but the December issue of The Torch is now available online. The print edition had one of our most attention grabbing covers; you can see the photo that graced it on the front page of the website (some people say that’s W. Bush in the bottom right corner). My column was a pretty standard take on the CAN-SPAM Act and is dated now — the Act hadn’t been signed at the time of writing.

The January issue will be out in a couple weeks and the website will probably be in a new and improved format by then, too.


2 thoughts on “Yesterday’s news”

  1. Tell your buddy Maynard that if he wants to debate the merits of feminist ideology, that’s fine, but he should at least take a Feminism 101 class first.

    Did anyone at the Torch gently explain to him that his entire article was based on the assumption that *women* have to be the ones in the family to raise children? That this assumption is the very reason why the wage gap is so large, and that a better solution than forcing women to choose between a family and a career would be to shift some of the burden onto the fathers?

    This is bush-league stuff. This is the kind of reasoning that gets thrown around in Class Participation Day at junior high schools. What happened here, Grier? Don’t you get some sort of veto stamp as an editor emeritus?

  2. Alas, no veto power… which also means no responsibility for anything but my own column. Not a totally bad trade-off. But rest assured: if I did have a veto, the rampant pro-babyism that has taken over The Torch would come to a swift and brutal end.

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