“Berkeley approves smoking ban”

And dog bites man! Not an earth-shaking headline, I know. But worth noting:

Every afternoon, Barbara Roberson walks out of the Berkeley Ace Hardware store and takes her cigarette break, but a smoking ban on all commercially zoned sidewalks in Berkeley, would make this illegal… Smoking is already banned in Berkeley’s public parks, within 25 feet of public buildings, and 50 feet from health facilities and senior centers.

Professor Katharine Hammond explains the economics:

“In general, probably on a busy street the auto exhaust would be higher,” said UC Berkeley environmental and health sciences professor Katharine Hammond.

Hammond, says there’s an obvious cost to the notion of banning gas-fueled cars. A smoking ban has no cost, only benefits.

Right. No costs. Because smokers aren’t people, and therefore their interests don’t count.


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