1 thought on “Links for 3/25/08 AM”

  1. RE: cell phone bans

    I’ve been saying this for a while — it’s the fact that you’re talking on a phone, not the fact that you have hand up to your head, that’s the problem.

    Dear everyone, please stop talking on cell phones while you drive. As a city biker I’m in constant fear of inattentive drivers and most of the people I see doing dangerous/stupid things in cars are on cell phones.* It’s frustrating. Do people not have the same experience that I have? I don’t understand how you could see other drivers doing such dangerous things on cell phones and yet think it’s ok for you to still use your own cell phone while you drive. I have friends that will decry other drivers on cell phones and yet have no problem answering their own phones… it’s baffling.

    * I acknowledge I’m assuming a causal relationship here without proof. I’m putting faith in my own anecdotal evidence, but I might be biased. If I’m wrong about this, I apologize to the world for my impertinence.

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