I’ve been memed!

I’m now in Chicago after a nice visit with family in Cincinnati. I’m both proud and ashamed to say that though I was in the city for less than twenty-four hours, I still managed to dine on a large Skyline Chili 3-way, a small 3-way, and three cheese coneys, and also grab a few cans to bring back to Arlington. Sometimes my intestinal fortitude amazes even me.

But enough about my strange obsessions. Tim has passed me the Caesar’s Bath Meme, so now it’s my turn to talk about the thing’s my friends like but that I just don’t understand.

Behold, the Caesar�s Bath meme! List five things that people in your circle of friends or peer group are wild about, but you can�t really understand the fuss over. To use the words of Caesar (from History of the World Part I), �Nice. Nice. Not thrilling . . . but nice.�

Here we go…

Avenue Q: This musical broke new ground for the use of puppets and agressive marketing on Broadway. Many of my friends couldn’t get enough of it. It’s creative and funny at times, but it struck me as awfully pandering.

Chai lattes: I’ve served countless numbers of these things and never drank an entire one myself. Their mass popularity is an enigma to me.

The Magnetic Fields: I think Stephin Merritt’s unusual voice is what carries this group. It’s unique and I can enjoy listening to the group every once in a while, but I’m hearing them far too often lately. OK overall; what bothers me is that the sometimes inane lyrics refuse to be tuned out when sung by Merritt.

Going to the movies: $10 to sit in a dark room and to watch a video? I can do that at home for free! I make it to a movie theater at most a couple times each year.

The Stranger: I read this last spring for a class in which I came to appreciate some wonderful literature I’d overlooked before, but this one fell flat for me. Others think it’s great. In this case, I’m going to assume the fault lies with me, not the book.

Free markets: Yeah, they’re pretty good I guess, but I don’t know why my friends are advocating them all the time. What’s the big deal?

Only kidding about that last one. I now pass the meme on to Court, Chad, Mike, and Glenn Reynolds.


13 thoughts on “I’ve been memed!”

  1. Damn you! Now I have to think of stuff. I’ll post something on my blog eventually. Also, I’ll voice disagreement with you on Magnetic Fields (“69 Love Songs” is a quality album, and I respect the ambition – then again, I’m not deluged with them) and going to the movies (it’s only 6 bucks with student discount, videos aren’t free unless you already own them and then you’ve seen them before, and the movies in the theater aren’t currently out on video anyway).

  2. Going to the movies is the most awesome-est thing in the whole entire world! You enter the theater and the lights go down and this big screen turns on and you can get swept away into an entirely different world. Unless you got a really, really big TV screen it’s just not the same.

    Clearly Caesar was a fool. It’s the Ides of March for this meme!

    (I have no idea what that even means.)

  3. Nothing like a really great movie: a beautiful score, fabulous cinematography, and a well-written script. Three art forms I enjoy incredibly all in one 1-2 hour package. That is why I have the “home theater” and watch my movies projected on the wall opposite my comfortable bed.;)

  4. Hey Jacob. Go the Slant page….Story Ideas….click on the Best Of Story Selection….and tell them to print “The Don Juans of Vanderbilt”

  5. Forget this meme crap. Let’s talk chili! You know I now rage with envy (except I much prefer the 4-way with onions). As far as the intestinal fortitude, remember those 2 key words now forever etched in your family history: Colon surgery!!!

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