That’s the second biggest hog I’ve ever seen

“We killed it because we didn’t want to take a chance of him getting away. Somebody else would have shot it,” he said.

Who can argue with that logic? Link via professional wild hog wrestler John Coleman.


  1. Seth Andrew vanStaveren says:

    whats was your first biggest?

  2. amber says:

    Is the biggest hog over 900 pounds? If so how dose the hog do anything? I have hogs my self that i rase for fair. But they only get 200 and some pounds.

  3. barney says:

    wow i shot a hog alot bigger than that come on man that hog is nothing…mine was 15 ft long and weighed 1600lbs…i didnt get a pic of him and i was the only person there..snd i couldnt load him into my truck..but he didnt run to far once i shot him behind the ear with that 300 mag haha well once u leave the light weights email me

  4. brengo says:

    you are full of shit!!!

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