Gmail invitation giveaway

I have a much sought after GMail invitation to hand out. That’s one gigabyte of webmail, yo. I could just give it to the first person who asks for it, but that’s no fun at all. So instead it will be awarded to whoever comes up with the best answer to this question:

If Hollywood ever makes a blockbuster movie about the Queso Crusader and his arch nemesis Taco Boy, what should it be called?

Leave your entries by hitting the comment button below. I’ll forward them to the Cantina of Solitude, where the Queso Crusader himself will review them and announce a winner. I’ll give you till noon (Eastern) on Thursday. And since this is a fairly low traffic weblog, you have a good shot at winning even if you come up with something lame like Queso Crusader: The Movie.

[7/8/04: Contest closed! Winner announced!]


  1. Nick says:

    Queso Crusader: The Movie

  2. Nick Pt. II says:

    Queso Crusader: The Fellowship of the Taco

  3. Nick Pt. III says:

    Queso Crusader: Fahreinheit 7-11

  4. Mike says:

    Queso Crusader: Say Cheese!

  5. Queso Crusader: First Blood… And By Blood We Mean Cheese
    Queso Crusader 2: This Time It’s Not Just About The Nachos
    Queso Crusader Cubed: Chile Con Muerte
    Queso Crusader 4: Taco Boy and The Time Machine That Only Transports Mexican Food
    Queso Crusader Part 5: With Great Salsa Comes Great Responsibility
    Queso Crusader 6: You’re Gonna Have Gas Tomorrow
    Queso Crusader 7: Queso Crusader Has An Identity Crisis But Resumes His Role As Vigilante Just In Time To Defeat Yet Another Incarnation Of Taco Boy
    Queso Crusader, The Ocho: Taco Boy Goes To Hell
    Queso Crusader 9: The Golden Tortilla Of Chichen Itza
    Queso Crusader X: Queso Crusader Versus the US Border Patrol

  6. Michael says:

    Queso Crusader: Quest for the Porcelain God

  7. Taco Boy says:

    Ho HO! You dare to make a movie about our never ending on/off alliance and dare not let me in on the movie rights? YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS ONE QUESO CRUSADER!!!!

    Queso Crusader: Questionable Alliance
    Queso Crusader: One Last Bite
    Death by Taco
    Queso Crusader Meet His Match
    The Death of the Queso Crusader
    Taco Boy and the Fire Sauce of Doom

    or the superflous super title:


  8. Pavel says:

    Queso Crusader : I need a god damn Gmail account!

  9. JJ says:

    Taco Boy’s Red Hot Lead Peppers

  10. Chris Duben says:

    Queso Crusader: Queso Eats Taco

  11. Chris Duben says:

    Queso Crusader: A Man And His Taco

  12. qin lan xiao says:

    Hi, I want a gmail account

    Please send me one

  13. Chris Duben says:

    Here's one more for you:

    TACO'S BANE: The Story of Queso

    Sorry about the multiple posts – I've just been posting a name idea whenever I get one.

  14. YP says:

    Queso Crusader: The Adventure of Taco’s GMAIL

    Please send me one

  15. wrath says:

    Queso Crusader: finding my G-mail (or was that my G-spot?!)

  16. Larry says:

    Yo Quiero El Queso Crusader!

  17. Larster says:

    Yo Quiero El Queso Crusader! (I forgot to leave me email address –

  18. Adam Gintis says:

    Wow, how sad that this is garnering more comments than anything else before on your blog! :) OK, nevermind, I’d be doing it too if I didn’t have Gmail already!

  19. Jacob Grier says:

    Not quite the most — the AIM virus post is up to 189 comments!

  20. paul says:

    odaley chucho!

  21. Brent says:

    queso crusader: is that a chalupa in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?

  22. Actually, that is a chalupa in my pants. Keeps it warm, you know?

    And by “it” I do mean the chalupa.

  23. Taco Boy says:

    The Queso Crusader and the Taco of Doom

  24. Jacob Grier says:

    Contest closed!

  25. Adolfo says:

    HI! I really need a gmail account.. ive been searching for it 1 month ago.. and still nothing.. may you PLEAAAASE send me one?
    Thanks :)

  26. isaac says:

    i want a gmail please

    kiero un g mail por favor.

  27. Anonymous says:

  28. essie says:

    pleaseeeeee someone send me an invitation for gmail, i’d love you forev3r

  29. Periyasamy.K says:

    Pls send me invitation.

    I like to make gmail account.

    Thank you,


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