Slave reparations? Here, have a muffin!

A Vandy alumnus sent me this link today, suggesting that we might try holding our own Affirmative Action Bake Sale. Conservatives at SMU did it and created an uproar (unfortunately, the administration there allowed a heckler’s veto to end their activity).

Left-leaning students at Vanderbilt have beaten the right to the punch (see my comment at the end of the article). When they did it no one raised any objections; I wonder if, at apathetic Vandy, things would have gone differently if a conservative group had tried it first.


4 thoughts on “Slave reparations? Here, have a muffin!”

  1. Of course, one can argue that the bake sale is grossly and improperly simplifying the issue. After all, affirmative action is meant to correct for discrimination inherent in American society. As whites have used economic, social, and political discrimination against minorities to unfairly surpass them in wealth and power, it’s only fair to give minorities a chance to build a middle and professional class. The bake sale would have been more accurate if minorities were only allowed to eat 10% of the baked goods and the rest were reserved only for whites. The Vanderbilt bake sale, in contrast, was attempting to point out that equal work should yield equal pay, a different issue entirely.

    Of course, I would NEVER suggest that conservatives would ever simplify an issue. That reminds me, I have to go call one of my relatives living in the Axis of Evil. 🙂

  2. I admit the issues aren’t exactly the same, but both used differential treatment to correct for discrimination (I assume that the Vandy activists believed the pay differentials are due to institutional discrimination, not just an innocent coincidence).

    But what I really have to take issue with is your implication that I’m a conservative. Come on now, you know I’m on your side half the time!

  3. That’s true. Although you and I will forever be fiercely opposed on enormous, sweeping issues involving economic power, corporate control, labor organization, and the decent dignity of humanity versus merciless capitalist behemoths, it’s heartening to know that you and I are firmly in agreement that pornography should be legal and abundant.

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