Back from D. C.

Back from DC and just a few hours away from leaving for Michigan. Still time to leave a few notes about the trip on the blog, however…

I arrived in DC on the 25th and spent the first few days with my friend Phil in Vienna. Phil is taking a summer course at George Mason, so he had quite a bit of free time and we spent most of it apartment hunting.

It didn’t take long to realize that I’d been underestimating the cost of an apt. in DC. It’s not a cheap city to begin with, but wanting the combination of a) a short-term lease on a b) furnished apartment that is c) near a metro stop and is d) in a trendy, lively part of town with e) parking does raise the cost even higher.

Fortunately I do have a few leads that meet the requirement of being cheaper than a semester at Vanderbilt. I thank my friend Darian for this, who made the same search (minus parking) for her summer internship with the FTC (in which she worked on the new national do not call registry).

Speaking of internships, I did make my way over to Cato to see David Boaz speak to the current crop of interns about the role of the Institute in public policy. In a few weeks I’ll find out if I’ve been selected for the fall.

The IHS seminar of globalization began the next day and lasted for a week. Like last year, there were a lot of interesting and friendly students from all over the world here. You never know who you’ll stay in touch with after these seminars, but there were a number of people I very much enjoyed meeting.

Highlights from the lecturers included Tom Palmer from Cato, Peter Boettke from GMU, June Arunga from the Inter-Region Economic Network, journalist Christopher Hitchens, the Hon. Elbegdori Tsakhia (former prime minister of Mongolia), and economist Tyler Cowen.

Cowen does work on the effect of markets on culture and runs an ethnic dining guide for DC. He twice proved his culinary taste to me: first when a group of us enjoyed his most highly recommended Ethiopian restaurant, second when he refused to partake of the cafeteria food at Georgetown. If you’re ever in DC and feeling adventurous, check out his site for some ideas.

The 4th of July was uneventful. Dinner ran long, so my friends and I were late for the fireworks. With no time to make it to the mall, we watched the last few minutes from across the river. Afterwards we met Phil at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, where he displayed his Southern heritage by playing Dixie on his cell phone.

On Saturday it was lunch with one of my dad’s college roommates then back to TX. I’ve been here one day and leave tomorrow for MI. We’re Taking Casey to look at some colleges on the way in TN and OH and I’ll be visiting some friends.

We’ll be in the U. P. by Friday, at which point my cell phone will be out of service. We will have limited e-mail access though, and our phone number on the island is 906-484-2824.

That’s all for now — the trip was fun, IHS was great as always, and I can’t wait to go back.