A select, targeted audience

I’m surprised and pleased to note that just 18 days into June I’ve already had more unique visitors to this site than I have in any other month – 137 so far. That’s pretty good for a personal page that just started in May. A few of these visitors are robots/spiders, but most are actual humans.

What brings them here? Once again, the number one search word to call up my site is “condom,” as in the Condom Sense store in Dallas, TX. Of all the content here, that one mention of the store in the Deep Ellum tale brings in the most traffic (7 results).

Equally amusing, the second most popular search word is “slant.” Nope, not the humor paper I wrote for. This is people searching for slanted beds (4 results). I at least hope they find the experiment educational.

Conclusion: the people visiting my site who don’t know me are into condoms, slanted beds, or both. Not the audience I was going for, but I guess that’s how the Internet works.